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"Best Of 2016 Funnel Swipe File"
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You'll see how these funnels used some unique marketing tactics to produce big results.
From: Todd Brown
West Palm Beach, Florida

Here's your chance to ethically swipe from the unique and wildly-effective marketing funnels in this private collection.

Fact is: There's a significant reason why I chose the marketing funnels I did to include in the "Best of 2016 Funnel Swipe File"...

Yes, they're funnels that have crushed it. And also because the funnels in this Swipe File use unique twists on certain marketing tactics.

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See below for an overview of some of the funnels you'll find in your FREE COPY of the "Best of 2016 Funnel Swipe File"
The Savviest Marketers Only Swipe Like This...
Modeling or swiping elements from another funnel is only a wise when you know the marketing campaign you're borrowing from is converting well. 

Borrowing or swiping from just any marketing funnel... without confirming the success of the campaign is a no-no. It's something the savviest marketers would never think of doing.

It's also why the savviest marketers build a swipe file of marketing campaigns and funnels they know are working and producing results. 

That's what you'll find inside your FREE COPY of the "Best of 2016 Funnel Swipe File".
You're going to love referencing this little gem when creating your next marketing promotion.
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  • Flip to the first swipe to see the funnel that launched a brand new 7-figure business in under 13 days! (page 2)
  • Flip to the second swipe to see the funnel that used a "Metaphor Big Idea" to pump almost 1,000 new users into a brand new SaaS app in just 10 days! (page 6)
  • Flip to the third swipe to see the evergreen funnel this guru is using to pump subscribers everyday into his $67.00 a month continuity program! (page 11)
  • Flip to the fourth swipe to see the "Streamlined Launch Funnel" a wildly popular guru used to fill a new $2,000 coaching program! (page 15)
  • Flip to the fifth swipe to see a customer acquisition funnel converting like crazy from cold traffic... that's just two web pages! (page 20)
  • ... and keep going to see the other amazing marketing funnels in this collection!
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